Your guide to Hartford’s vibrant entertainment, diverse cuisine, and inspiring arts and culture scene.

Look no further for all of our city’s best hidden gems. Whether you’re stopping by for a visit or rediscovering the city you call home, it’s time to experience your Hartford.

Brewery Guide

For anyone who feels like craft breweries are a dime a dozen these days...

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‍Hog River Brewing

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A mom & pop craft brewery and taproom serving eclectic beer to Hartford locals and out-of-town visitors alike...


Phantom Brewing Company

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South Meadows

We promise there’s nothing spooky about the Phantom Brewing Company apart from its name...


Thomas Hooker

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Sheldon Charter Oaks

A true Hartford brewery experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Thomas Hooker Brewery...


Got a free night? There is always something to look forward to here in Hartford.

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